Peer Review Process

Peer review process

CCB journal operates a double-blind peer review. Neither the peer reviewers nor the authors are revealed to each other. Authors may suggest preferred and non-preferred reviewers during manuscript submission. However, the ultimate selection of the reviewers will be determined by the

Each received manuscript will be initially evaluated in terms of quality, innovation, the importance of the issue, and compliance with the journal's standards by the editors to save the authors and reviewers' time. In a maximum of 7 days, the authors will receive an e-mail containing the rejection or initial acceptance of their manuscript. Then, in the case that the manuscript meets the standards, it enters the double-blind peer-review process.

Each manuscript is sent to at least two specialized reviewers, if the reviewers differently respond to a manuscript, the manuscript will be sent to a third reviewer. Manuscripts may also be sent to a statistical specialist if needed. The Editor is responsible for the final decision. The decision is final.